Course Descriptions

Whether you are a beginner, or you want to train at an advanced level, our professional training staff can help you develop your skills effectively and efficiently. Click on a class to see more info!

Introduction to Handgun


Learn firearm safety, operation, and fundamentals in our 4 hour, $135 Intro course. All equipment is provided for this course as a courtesy to our shooters choosing WBISR as their place of training

Shooting Dynamics (formerly Shoot & Move)


Learn the rules of firearm safety, the proper footwork to shoot accurately in all four directions, and learn to shoot while moving forward, backward, left & right. PREREQUISITES: Pistol Fundamentals, Advanced Holster

Transition Drills Training


Learn to transition from shooting a slung rifle to engagement from your holstered pistol! PREREQUISITES: Holster Skills

Low/No Light Engagement


Learn the types of flashlights, flashlight holding techniques, how the human eye reacts to darkness, proper technique for holding a pistol & flashlight, and the importance of identifying a threat/no threat in no light conditions

Become a Better Pistol Shooter Series


Hone in on your skills and take your shooting to the next level with this developmental clinic focused on pistol fundamentals

NRA Basic Pistol Class


Handgun Cleaning Class


Learn how to properly disassemble (field strip) your pistol and the proper sequence and technique for cleaning your handgun

VA Concealed Carry Class


Learn the proper pistol grip & holster selection, how to apply for a permit, concealed carry laws & regulations, self-defense legal considerations. Course involves both classroom time & live fire

Defensive Pistol Course


Learn the common pistol stoppages & how to clear them, the differences between cover & concealment, situational awareness, emergency reloading, and more!

Holster Skills Training


Learn the firearm safety rules, types of holsters, proper procedure for shooting from the holster, step by step technique for the proper holster draw, and proper shooting fundamentals

Intermediate Pistol


Learn the pistol stance types, proper grip, trigger press, firing positions, loading/unloading, slide racking techniques, and magazine loading techniques. PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Handgun

Advanced Holster Skills Training


Learn hand placement for alternate shooting, shooting from the ribcage, shooting from the chest, holster drills and advanced holster skills. PREREQUISITES: holster skills, pistol fundamentals

AR Cleaning Class


Learn how to properly disassemble (field strip) your rifle and the proper sequence and technique for cleaning your rifle

Pistol Fundamentals


Learn front sight focus, trigger press & reset, high ready & reload drills, common pistol stoppages & how to clear them, and failure drills

Introduction to AR15


Learn how to operate and shoot a rifle in our 4 hour, $135 Introduction to Ar class - Beginners welcome!

Recommended Course Progression Guide

The natural progression from absolute beginner to John Wick is as follows:

 Intro to Handguns or NRA Basic Pistol and/or Intro to AR-15

BABPS , Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance Class

Holster Skills or CCW (Holster Skills is part of our CCW class now).

Low Light, Defensive Pistol, Shoot and Move and Transition Drills 

Private Instruction Inquiries

Not quite ready/not looking for classroom style training just yet? No worries at all - we offer both private 1-on-1 lessons with our NRA Certified Firearms Instructors as well as  private group lessons for complete beginners to experts alike. 

Our instructors work on your schedule; just shoot us a message below to connect with our WBISR Training Department, let them know what kind of training you have had (if applicable), what kind of training you are looking for, and lastly, a meeting date that works for you!

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