Course Descriptions

Whether you are a beginner, or you want to train at an advanced level, our professional training staff can help you develop your skills effectively and efficiently. Click on a class to see more info!

Introduction to Handgun

Beginners welcome – no experience necessary for this class.

NRA Basic Pistol Class

The NRA Basic Pistol class is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation. 

VA Concealed Carry Class

Cost: $125.00 per student. This 4 hour classroom/live fire course will meet the requirements set forth to obtain your Virginia concealed carry license.

Defensive Pistol Course

This course is designed as a logical follow-up to either the Introduction to Handguns course or the NRA Basic Pistol course.  

Holster Skills Training

Learn the skills needed to holster up upon entering the range!

Handgun Cleaning Class

Proper cleaning, inspection and maintenance is critical to keep your firearm operating when you need it and continue to function smoothly throughout the years. We offer monthly handgun cleaning courses that are just an hour long and for just $15 at the range.

Shoot & Move Class

Develop the skill set needed to shoot on the move effectively and practice it often. Your life may very well depend on it. 

Become a Better Pistol Shooter Series

Moving past "learning how to shoot" into being better, faster, and more accurate for the mission. Foundational/intermediate skill level is required on the appropriate firearms system prior to enrollment. These courses are not necessarily specific to any disciple other than making you a better shooter. 

Transition Drills Training

Learn to transition from shooting a slung rifle to engagement from your holstered pistol! 

Low/No Light Engagement


Do you own a firearm with night sights, lasers or light attachments? Have you ever used it in extreme dark or near zero visibility conditions? If not, our Low Light/No Light Engagement class is just for you. This is where you'll learn the correct flashlight grip & pistol hold, as along with situational awareness in low/no light, and of course - how to shoot in low/no light.