What are your hours and where are you located?

We are open from 12pm-8:pm on the weekdays except Tuesday.

Saturday we're open from 10am-7pm, and Sunday from 10am-6pm. Last shooters are sent out (1) hour prior to closing in order to ensure they get the full hour they paid for. We are located right across the street from Bass Pro Shops (right off of 95!)

Can I come in to shoot if I have never shot before or do not own a gun?

Most certainly! We welcome beginners and experts alike. All you have to be is 21 years old or with someone who is 21 years old or older. If you're a beginner or new to shooting, just let us know at the front desk and we'll set you up with a qualified instructor to help you pick out the right firearm for you and provide you with instruction on its operation. We have a variety of rental guns, both handguns and long guns available to the public. You will just need your ID and you will need to purchase our ammo for the rental. 

Are you open to the public?

 Yes we are open to the public. It costs just $23 to shoot for an hour ($18 for LEO, Military, and First Responders active & retired), and $13 for each additional shooter in your same lane. 

If I bring my own firearms, can I shoot my own ammo or reloads?

Yes, if you bring your our firearm you can use your own ammo - this goes for handguns, shot guns, AND rifles. In addition to bringing your ammo, you can pick up your own brass. Just be sure to let us and your RSO know you'd like to collect your own brass beforehand!

What can I bring in to shoot?

You can shoot handguns, shotguns and rifles at our range and anything up to .30-06. For shotguns - we allow 00, 000, or slug - no birdshot.

Are there any ammo restrictions?

Yes, we do not allow tracers, steel core/jacketed (ie. Tulammo or Wolf unless they are RANGE-SAFE), or armor piercing (ie. PMC LAP, green tips, etc.)

How many lanes? And what is the furthest distance?

We have three separate 8-lane shooting bays making it a total of 24, 25-yard lanes. 

Do you have to retrieve your targets?

You can retrieve your targets with just a push of a button. Our shooting stalls are equipped with advanced tactical, fully automated computer-controlled turning target retrieval systems that are quick, accurate, and easy to operate. 

Do I need a reservation or appointment to come shoot?

No. It is on a walk-in basis. We do not offer reservations currently unless you are reserving an entire range.

Are there any age requirements to shoot here?

We do NOT have an age requirement to shoot! Just a height one - you must be taller than the shooting table in the booth to shoot. Other than that anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by someone who is 21 or older in order to shoot. 

How old do you have to be to rent a pistol/rifle?

Shooters must be 21 years or older to rent a pistol and/or purchase pistol ammunition and must present a valid ID. 

How do I rent a firearm?

If you're interested in renting a firearm, we suggest you start by taking a look at our gun counter to see what's available to rent! 

You'll need to purchase ammo from the range to use with the rental so once you choose the gun you'd like to rent, we'll have you sign our rental form and have you turn in your ID and keys for us to hold onto while you're out on the range and from there we'll get you all set up with a lane! 

You can rent multiple firearms at a time as well as pay to re-up your hour rental. Our handguns are $15 an hour and our long-guns are $20. 

What do I need to do before I shoot at your range?

All we ask is that you fill out our range waiver which you can easily do at the range or even at your own home! 

Just go to the Range Forms section of our website under the "SHOOT" tab and print off our range waiver. It's a quick front & back liability form - and we promise we won't make you watch a video with it. 

Besides that just make sure you wear closed-toed shoes and bring your ID if you need to rent anything. 

When you get to the range you can head straight back to the check-in desk with your completed waiver (or if you don't have your waiver - pick one up at the front table when you enter the facility!)

What kind of clothes should I wear to the range?

Closed toe shoes are mandatory, pants and high necked shirts (or anything that provides some protection from hot brass) are recommended. 

Can I draw from the holster on the range?

Yes, but you must be Holster Certified.  You can get your certification from WBISR by taking and successfully completing our Holster Skills Class offered several times a month!

How should I bring in my firearms?

All firearms need to be in a holster, case, bag or box until you're on the range and in your assigned lane.  

WBISR does permit both open and concealed carry HOWEVER all firearms carried off-body must be unloaded and cased until the shooter is on the firing line, and cased prior to leaving the firing line. If you do not have a case - please make sure to do the following before entering the facility:

  3. RIFLES - we need to see that the chamber is cleared of any ammunition - meaning your ejection port cover must be OPEN (if the port does not lock open then be sure to place a flag or rod in the gun so that we know it's cleared)

Do you allow new shooters at Winding Brook?

Yes! We encourage people who have never shot before to come to our range.  You will build a strong foundation built on safety and proper gun handling. 

What services do you have for new shooters at Winding Brook?

We offer everything from one-on-one personal instruction witlh an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, to firearms training classes, in-house security and defense training, all the way to on-the-spot safety training to anyone who walks in the door.  This training is centered around safe use of the firearm and our range.  WBISR offers frequent firearm-specific and skill-specific training and classes that are tailored to the student and their learning style. Check out more on our training styles offered here!

Can I bring my kids to shoot?

Yes. We encourage parents to bring their children to the range if they have expressed an interest in shooting.  Introducing your kids to shooting at Winding Brook will build a foundation based on safety, respect, and skill. 

How much can I expect to pay if I'm not a member?

The price to shoot for non-members is $23 for the primary shooter, $13 for the secondary shooter (or each additional shooter in the same lane as you). $18 for law enforcement, military members, and first responders - for active and retired for all. Your lane rental gives you an hour out on the range.

What types of memberships are offered at Winding Brook?

We offer a variety of memberships at the range. You can join as just yourself or join with your family (law enforcement, military, and first responder discounted rates available). You

Upon activating your membership you will receive 6 FREE guest passes, unlimited range use, unlimited time on the range, and monthly member-only discounts! You can read more about our memberships here

What is the first thing I should do when I get to your range for the first time?

Pull right into the lot & come on in. When you go through the front doors you will see a stand with a wooden box full of paper - grab one of those sheets to fill out and bring it up to the check in counter when you're done. You will only need to fill out the waiver upon your first visit. From there, let our staff know what gear you might need and your shooting experience and they'll get you all set up with a lane!

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