Introduction to AR15

Our NEW 4 hour, $135 Introduction to AR-15 class will give you the skills and confidence to safely operate your AR-15. The Introduction to AR-15 class will teach the nomenclature, disassembly/reassembly, and operation of your rifle. The class consists of hands-on classroom instruction with your rifle and live fire in our indoor range. 

This course covers:

1. Safe handling of the AR-15 Function and controls of operation 2. Loading/unloading Disassembly and reassembly 

3.Cleaning and maintenance Selecting optics for your AR-15 

4. Live fire of your AR-15 

5. How to zero your AR-15 


- Eye/ear protection 

- 1 AR-15 rifle (limited rentals available for an additional charge) 

- 2 magazines 

- 50 rounds of RANGE-APPROPRIATE ammunition