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Robert Alvarez


Company Owner 

Our Mission

WBISR is unlike other shooting ranges for a variety of reasons; the first of which being our mission: Striving to enhance the presence of female and family shooters at the range. We believe that, while these standards are being challenged every day by the rising number of female shooters; we still have mountains to climb. At WBISR we encourage the female shooter as well as family shooters to learn, engage, and train in the wonderful sport of shooting.  That's why we are proud to host Shooting Leagues, A Girl and A Gun, and TWO Well Armed Woman Chapters.

Gun Range, Not Shop


What's one of the things that sets us apart? For starters - we like to keep it simple - we're an indoor shooting range; not an indoor gun shop.

While we do offer gun rentals as well as range gear rentals, you'll find limited retail inventory.

We found that simple is better thus we chose to focus on the art of shooting, not shopping.